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  • March 2021

    The 5k’s continued to be a big success with Eve and Tracey regularly coming in with fast times. And not forgetting Tony with his 24.08 PB.

    The early part of the month was dull and cold but with some big mileage being put in. We continued to be optimistic as to the future with signs that some races may be taking place in the summer. There was a general feeling within the club that were keen to get back normal.

    Unfortunately Mel has had a setback suffering a nasty injury but we know he will be back on form soon.

    With encouraging signs that lockdown may be easing, we have followed the England Athletics Road Map with 29th March 2021 being one of the key dates that we have all been looking forward to. This meant that we could meet as a club outdoors but under the strict guidelines.

    We met for the first time on 30th March 2021 and it was great to be back. The weather was good and everyone did a 5k around Mote Park. We were very well received by both the cricket and rugby club and we are very grateful to be able to have access to such a great location.

  • May 2020
    With lockdown continuing, we are trying to keep members engaged and updated on what’s happening. We had a lockdown “escape quiz” which was probably the most successful of all our Zoom evenings. Totally different and a lot of fun. The AGM took place on 12th May 2002 on Zoom. We had the ...
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  • April 2020
    During lockdown we have kept busy and connected with different virtual challenges including quizzes, escape rooms and scavenger hunts. We have kept in touch with each other’s running through Strava, Facebook and WhatsApp, where there has been lots of positive encouragement.    
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  • March 2020
    This month our runners have competed in the London Big Half, Maidstone Road Run half marathon, Dartford Half and the Lydd 20 miler. However as things quickly changed and we entered lockdown we had members do a “not the Bath half” and some fun individual runs drawing out pictures on ...
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  • February 2020
    February has been a busy running month with Mote Runners competing in Hyde Park, Chichester, Headcorn, Trosley and some did the Valentines Tough Love Challenge.
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  • January 2020
    We would like to welcome many new members to the club in the new year. It’s really great to watch our membership growing and see how people are progressing with their running, Mote Runners competed in the Benfleet 15 miler, Farnborough half  and we’ve seen some of our runners abroad. January saw ...
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