July 2020

After a long “lockdown” break, we returned to our Tuesday and Thursday night club runs and it was great to be back. Lots of social distancing taking place but everyone played their part in making the club nights work.

We also had our 5 mile virtual challenge with Tim and Charlee winning the men’s and ladies prizes respectively. These events, together with the weekly 5k’s, have proved very popular with lots of entries and everyone giving each other support. We are a very friendly club.

On a very warm afternoon at The Ridge, the 2nd Mote Runners Golf Day took place with Alan, Clive Bonner, Dave W and Rob participating. A variety of golf shots played some good, some bad.

The Weekly Newsletter has continued to be well received and updates everyone as to what’s going on. It’s been particularly useful when we have to provide specific instructions as to what we can do/can’t do when following the relevant guidelines.

And the virtual 5k continues to be very popular with Mick providing enthusiastic support as ever.

July 2020
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