February 2021

February got off to a good start with Tom recording his first marathon distance.

The February Challenge proved interesting. The idea was that you got a point for each activity you did in February. These activities included a 3k walk, a 1 mile sprint, a 5/10k run, speed session, yoga, hill training, cycle ride and a HIIT session. This challenge got off to a slow start, mainly due to heavy snow that stopped most activity. The keenest person won – Mick – by a long way. He wasn’t going to be put off by some freezing cold conditions.

Also, a future Mote Runner was born on 21st February, Charlie Nunn. Congrats to Chris and family. That news brightened up everyone’s day.

There remains a lot of interest in new members joining. We do seem to be getting a very good reputation for being very welcoming to new members and when they come once, they tend to stay. It’s also an interesting statistic that our female members far outnumber the men.

February 2021
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